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8BitMMO is an awesome indie construction sandbox game, but it's not free to develop and run. That's why every year we do a fundraiser / sale to help raise money for servers and development.

Our server infrastructure costs about $445 each month, so our goal for this sale is to cover server costs for the next year ($5,340). Every purchase helps offset this cost! If we manage to reach this goal, I will double your gold & plat purchased during the fundraiser!

Support development and get great rewards. In addition to the usual gold & platinum you get from purchases, for the next month you get extra goodies -- read up here for details.


Note that any October purchases have been grandfathered into the fundraiser -- I figure that's only fair since folks are used to October purchases being part of the fundraiser and I was late in starting this year.


Regarding Octoberbit

I've been getting a few questions about if Octoberbit is happening this year (Octoberbit is our usual monthlong fundraiser drive/plat sale in October). I e-mailed our top fifteen-ish backers of prior years, and didn't get much interest for doing one this year, so we're probably going to skip it for this year.

That being said, if there's substantial interest from other players, we could still do it.  Here's what the reward tiers could be below.  These are not finalized at all, just brainstorming at this point.

(Each tier includes the tiers of the previous tiers.  All prices are in US Dollars)

  • $1+: Thank you!
  • $5+:  Receive Gold / Plat pack equivalent to pledge amount, plus a TBD amount of bonus gold/plat (what should this bonus % be?)
  • $15+: First to get access to the New Update.  It's going to be awesome.
  • $25+: Trap Kit: Deter invaders with a collection of 10x spike traps and 2x turret traps (30 plat value)
  • $50+: Limited edition Octoberbit 2014 in-game hat
  • $70+: Second Pocket Universe, pre-expanded to 4x4
  • $100+: a 2k region expand block for each $50 pledged ($100 = 2x blocks, 150 = 3x, etc...)
  • $200+: Premium block set:  100 half-size marble blocks, 100 full-size marble blocks, 100 half-size red stone blocks, 100 full-size red stone blocks, 100 black tile blocks, all stored in a Big Cardboard Town Box (4 plat, 12k gold value)
  • $300+: Game credit - your name included in /credits
  • $500+: Origin plot?
  • $1000+: Work with me to create a custom designed hat, shirt, accessory or decorative building item, for your own use or share with your friends (will provide 1,000 hat tokens to give out as you desire).

If you're interested in doing Octoberbit this year, please make a preliminary pledge here.  If we can hit $2k in pledges, we'll do it.


New Mods

Please join me in welcoming ToxicPenguin_, thekyro, Value, and Xerp as the most recent additions to our moderator team!

All four have been active in the community and helpful to new players, and I am excited to have them join the team.  If you want to be a mod, don't worry -- more mods will be added in future based on the Moderation team's nominations.


The 100,000 Gold Easter Egg Hunt

Find all four eggs and solve all the riddles to discover the safe password at /tele Easter.  The safe contains 100,000 gold, which will be the reward to one skilled player who cracks the puzzle.


The gold is donated by KJH787, thanks kjh!

Here is your first clue:


Hermit is now a mod

Please join me in welcoming thehermitbros as our newest in-game moderator!


Announcing the new Social Clubs

It was very tough to select a winner, there were many high quality entries.  But after much thought, the winners have been chosen for each server.

On Primary Server, Xerp has won with his entry (shown below).  On Potato Server, Fungdark has won.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered.  I'm very proud to see so many excellent entries -- you guys are skillful builders!  Based on how good these entries are, I'm now planning to do more building contests in future.

Each server has the new area linked via Root, although due to instancing, you may not see the correct link until after you've been outside Root for at least ten minutes.

Primary Servers Social Club by Xerp


Livestream Video for Contest Entries

If you didn't tune in to the livestream yesterday, you may watch the footage from it here:

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Design Root’s Social Club – Win Plat!

 >>> watch link: go here. <<<

With the addition of instancing, Root needs a place where players can gather together to chat & trade.  I'm going to open this up to the community to allow you to design & create Root's new Social Club!


  • The social club is a small area, somewhere between 2x2 regions on the small side, to 3x3 regions on the large size.  2x3 regions is also fine. [a region is a collection of 16x16 tiles, as defined by the loc command. Details]
  • You can create it in your pocket universe, in the wilderness, in a town, or wherever you like
  • If your Social Club is selected, I will be copying your blocks, so you will be free to re-use them later for something else.
  • The Social Club should be self-contained - no links or roads to other locations (other than a space for a telepad to link to Root where players will arrive and leave from (you don't need to purchase the telepad, just leave a space for one)).
  • When copied, the Social Club will appear as a pocket universe with blackness on the edges outside the region boundaries
  • On that note, please design with region boundaries in mind -- ie, don't have a building hanging off the edge of your social club


  • There will be two winners - one for Primary, and one for Potato (different social club for each server!)
  • Each winner will receive a Gold/Plat Pack Token that includes 5,500 gold and 39 platinum (equivalent of the $24.99 pack)
  • On Wednesday afternoon, we'll do a livestream where we check out all the entries, and possibly even announce the winner & install the new social club in Root
  • Contest will run until the start of the livestream on Wednesday afternoon
  • No purchase necessary to enter
  • If an entry has blocks by multiple players, the mayor is the one who will win the prize
  • Enter by posting a comment to this blog post that includes 1) your in-game name, 2) coordinate to teleport to view your entry (get them by typing /loc), 3) Size of your entry (ie, 2x2 regions), 4) Server your entry is on (Primary or Potato)

Tune In to Wednesday's Livesteam

Wednesday's Livesteam (where we review the entries) happens at 2PM Pacific.



Merry Bitmas and to all a good night

merry bitmas by ALinkToTheFuture

Fan art by ALinkToTheFuture


New mods: Meep42 & Sage

Please join me in welcoming Meep42 and Sage to the Community Moderators program.

They've been active for at least the past few months and demonstrated their helpfulness to new players, so I think they'll be great additions!