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The Implausible Zone

Over the weekend I participated in the LD34 gamejam.  I wrote and made some art for a short Comedy/Adventure game, which was produced in roughly two days.  It's pretty rough, but people at the jam site seemed to think it was funny, so hopefully you will too 🙂


v1 - Jam Build [Windows]


Written by
Robby Zinchak

Music and Sound
Evan Witt

Disco Music
Jonathan Reasor

Carl Craig Juarez

Scripts used:

Word Wrapping Message Boxes, by: KilloZapit

Skip Title Screen

Fullscreen++ v2.2 for VX and VXace by Zeus81

Galv's Use Item on Event
Galv’s Use Item on Event V.1.5

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Bitmas 2015!

Bitmas 2015 has officially begun!  Check out all the Bitmastivities:

/Tele Gift

Visit the linkpad in root to be teleported to the Bitmas 2015 map!


There's a hidden reward block to find.  Also while you're exploring, you'll meet...



Speak with Draco the Archiclaus.  If you registered before today, he'll have a gift for you!

100,000 Gold Giveaway

Enter the giveaway for a chance to win 100,000 gold, sponsored by Kjh787.  This time around, the winner must have an 8BitMMO user account that has been logged into on at least two different days.

Bitmas Hats

The Bitmas hats are back in stock in the shop.  Get one before they're gone!


March of Industry – Now on Android

I've been meaning to get March of Industry running on mobile for a long while now, and so I've been spending a little bit of time here and there to make it happen.  It's finally ready to share, so you can now play it on your Android phones & tablets (I don't have an iPhone, so no iOS version.  Sorry.)

The mobile version is the same as the PC version, but with touch controls.  It even uses the same account system as PC version, so your save files will automatically sync between mobile and PC. It fully supports blueprint modding, translations, and GIF captures also.

I am giving the Android version out free to anyone who bought either the PC (Stripe) or Steam copies of the game.  (This includes Steam codes given out as Novemberbit rewards).   Just go to this page to download the APK.

And if you didn't, then FYI it's unreasonably cheap in Google Play.  😛

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Doubleplat 2015!


And for once I saved the stream, so here's an archived copy oops, didn't realize one of the vocaloid tracks is not okay to use on youtube so I had to take it down. My bad, sorry 🙁


Several Backer Items Delivered

  • Dragonhats!  Go here to claim.
  • Picture of a hot dog.  Go here to claim.
  • Extra pocket universes have been delivered to backers at that reward tier, see yours with /listpockets and /telepocket <#>
  • /credits updated with backers at that reward tier
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Novemberbit 2015 is over!

With $9,043 raised, we've just finished our biggest Novemberbit ever!  Thank you for your generous support!


Most of the backer rewards are already available to be claimed here, however, I'll keep you updated on some of the remaining reward items and the winner of the KJH gold giveaway.

I can also confirm that the winning hat is the Dragonhat, with an overwhelming 91% of votes (rawr!)


Vote for your Exclusive Novemberbit Hat

Thanks to everyone who joined for the hatstream today.  We made SEVEN potential NovemberBit hats.

The Novemberbit reward page has been updated with a voting system.  If you've backed $49+, you can vote for the official Novemberbit Exclusive Reward Hat.  The winning hat will only be available to the $49+ backers.

The hats that don't win will either be discarded, made available for public purchase, or added to my secret hat stockpile.

HatStream2015VoteAlso, wild grass has been fixed so that it gives the correct number of wild grasses.  If you previously claimed them, you can reclaim to get your additional +1 wild grass.


9BitMMO Build 2038 – Bug Fixes

Desktop and applet versions updated with:

  • Disconnection message added so you know when you get disconnected
  • Fixed bug where teleporting sometimes caused player to get stuck
  • Shift+H can be used to toggle on/off chat notifications
  • Chat notifications don't show on top of chat window
  • Login process is a bit nicer with errors properly displayed, please wait screen, etc
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9Bit.2032 – Rotation

9BitMMO build 2032 now includes an optional rotation mode.  Press F8 and you will be able to walk around with the camera following behind the player.  Note there's a lot of bugs with the new mode, but it can be neat to check out stuff from a new angle 😉

javaw 2015-11-05 22-29-35-87_2


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9Bit.2031 – Build mode fixes

  • Fixed a bug where placing/picking up indoors in 3d mode caused the wrong block to be picked up or placed in wrong position
  • Z-axis lock now works in 3d mode, including CTRL+[ and CTRL+] hotkeys
  • Shop is less broken:  all items listed on each shop page, plus back button added (including backspace hotkey)
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