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Thanks for your interest in following along on my game projects!  Here are the different places you can follow me.


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Best Place to Follow:  This Blog

Via RSS, you can get updates directly to your feed reader of choice.  You can also read content from your favorite news outlets, bloggers, and webcomics.  All free with no ads!

All you need is a feed reader and some feeds to follow:

  • Here’s my RSS Feed
  • There are many good feed readers, but here’s two that are easy to use and full featured: Feedly, Inoreader


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Gaming Networks


Choose the Discord relevant to which project you’re interested in following along on:


You can get a Steam notification every time I release a new game.  Just follow me here.


Social Networks




If you want to follow me on Facebook, I recommend you also follow me via at least one other service — page updates on Facebook are usually shown to a tiny fraction of page followers.

Or direct link to the page.