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Demo Extension

I'm extending the length of availability for our Steam demo; some people may not have had a chance to fully play the demo during the festival, so I will be keeping it online for some time.  Have fun!

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Meetup Recaps

A bunch of meetups over this past weekend:

8BitMMO Achievement Meetup

We had ~41 people online. Met at the social club, plus some zombieism pvp, and a livestream look at some areas in the old 9bitmmo test client:


Dragon Audit Discord Chat Meetup

Also on Saturday, there was lots of good Q&A and some competition for high score on Durgon Pinball:

Dragon Audit Livestream w/ Community VO

On Sunday, I played through the first part of Dragon Audit, while community members BigApplePie and Scratso provide live voice over. Skip to 3:39 for start of game

Thanks to everyone who participated in the meetups over the weekend!


8BitMMO Achievement Meetup

Next achievement meetup is Saturday, June 20 -- click set reminder on that page to get a reminder via Steam.

Last time we had a relatively large turnout (~45 people online), so feel free to join even if you've already got the achievement!

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Dragony Screenshots!

Fresh screenshots from Dragon Audit!

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MFW the Unity Editor crashes

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You are a robotic science dragon who has crash landed on a hostile planet.  Many of your systems are broken -- defeat enemies to collect their technology (screws) and repair yourself (R key).  Bigger enemies are more powerful, and tend to spawn further away from your start position.

Download here.

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TFW the knight wants to light a campfire the regular way but you can literally breathe fire

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When your game character skips a cutscene before you do

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Ice Cold Beer

If you've never played this game before, it's v challenging.

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