Introducing 8BitMMO, a game of combat & building

8BitMMO is a MMO game that is still very early in development.  Right now there’s only one weapon (stab things with your sword!), one NPC (slay lawyercats!), and a couple basic tilesets (build a fort!).  But there’s enough content you can start to see what the game is like, and a number of us have already had fun playing. 🙂

How to get it:  No download, it plays in your browser.  Just launch



Essential controls:

  • WASD – movement
  • Enter – to chat
  • I – Show inventory screen.  Click an item in your inventory to make it your active item
  • Spacebar – use active item (click sword and use spacebar to stab things)

How to play:

  • Look around near the spawn point for CAT5 ports, which is where LawyerCats spawn.  (This is a super-serious game. :P)
  • Slay LawyerCats and collect the loot
  • Once you have enough loot, press H to open the shop.  Buy stuff to build with
  • To build, use inventory to select an item to place in world, then press R to drop item — click where it goes
  • Advanced building tip: hold SHIFT to set Z height
  • Advanced building tip: use the Z Axis Lock in the bottom right as another way of setting Z height


That’s pretty much it for this build… hope you enjoy!