Build 430 – Congressional Lobbyist Slugs

The latest build adds two things.  First, there’s a new mob which doesn’t attack you but only gives you limited gold.  It currently only exists in the newbie area, but I’m considering having it spawn in the wilderness too.  This should hopefully make it easier for new players, so they don’t have to worry about learning to defend themselves right away.

Also, as suggested on the Comment Box, I’ve added links in the in-game menu to the Comment Box & Blog web pages:


Introducing Teleporters

I have just finished creating Teleporters, a frequently requested object.  They are live on the server right now, can now be built by anyone!

How do they work?

Just stand on top of a blue one and press ‘E’ — you’ll be instantly teleported to its linked teleporter.  Red teleporters have not yet been linked.

How to build one?

  1. Buy two from the shop.
  2. Place them each at the two locations you’d like them to be.
  3. Use one of them (press E) to find out its Telepad ID number
  4. Look at the other telepad and in the chat window type /telepad <put the ID number here>
  5. The telepads are now linked, and anyone can press E to transit between them.