ANNOUNCEMENT: 8BitMMO Coming to Kongregate!

I am pleased to announce that 8BitMMO will be coming soon to popular online gaming service Kongregate!

Our integration on the platform will allow for:

High Score Tables – Compete to be #1 in either LawyerCats Killed or Blocks Placed!  Who will reign supreme?!

One Click Game Login – After you’ve made your account, you’ll be able to log back into it via your Kongegate account with one click on the game page.

Easier to Support Development – Many players have wanted to support development financially, but don’t have a credit card.  If you want to support the game (still optional!), you will be able to do so with many mechanisms, including mobile phone payment and GameStop’s gift cards.

I am very excited for 8BitMMO to join the high quality games at Kongregate, and I look forward to seeing some healthy competition on the high score tables!