Make Something Awesome – Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who made entries for the contest!

I have not one, but TWO winners to share with you, along with many other cool entries.

Winner – Obliquely

Obliquely made a two layer maze surrounding a secret fossil inside.  Can you navigate the maze and discover the fossil?  I have linked a telepad to it from Origin (top row of telepads, #5 from left) so you can try navigating it yourself.

Winner – ElDromedario

Check out this archaeological dig site (a popular theme this contest?):

Explore it yourself by taking a telepad from Origin, located south of the Origin start point.

Other Awesome Entries

Corngamer built a self-statue:

Ender made a couple in-game constructions:


Grim made a statue of me:

Nibrudly made some fanfic (which I think Nib is going to upload to the fanfic wiki?)

Obliquely made a number of other entries too, including some mob designs and a tileset for building in-world text:


P_taro made a restaurant:

Pikachu789 made… this?

Zloc6 made a self-sculpture:


Make Something Awesome Contest

Alright, time for a new contest!  I am combining several of the contest ideas together for a ‘Make Something Awesome‘ contest.  The rules are simple:

  • Make something awesome related to 8BitMMO (either in-game or out of game)
  • It must be NEW (created on 9/10 or later)
  • E-mail me a picture and description of it to  Please include your username if you want credit
  • For the picture, please use JPEG, PNG, or GIF image formats.  Here is a guide on how to take a screenshot in windows.

Everyone who enters (with a sufficiently awesome entry) will receive 250 gold!  I will also be highlighting my favorite entries in a wrap-up blog post once the contest finishes.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make some really cool voxel art in-game
  • Make an interesting house in-game
  • Create an exciting dungeon in-game
  • Write some fan-fiction for the wiki (I am hoping to do this too ;))
  • Create some nice fan-art based on characters/locations in the game
  • Create artwork for some new tiles that you’d like to see
  • Or make something else!

PLUS: The entry I like the most will receive a 1,250g+10p pack!

Contest closes in two weeks – at noon US Pacific time on Sept 24th.

Legal notes:  By entering this contest, you consent to your creation image, description & your screen name being posted on 8BitMMO publications.  No purchase required.  Retail value of this prize is ~$4.99.  Winner will be posted to