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PvP Update is go!

Woo! The big PvP update is now live! What does it do? I'll let you discover that yourself for now 😉

Full changelog tomorrow.

Merry xmas!

PS - This is a big change and there may be bugs.  Please notify me of them here

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  1. I love the update, I’ve found no problems with it so far, but you REALLY need to fix the server. Since I came on today, it’s gone down 7 times in 4-and-a-half hours. PLEASE fix this.

    • Ok, I have just found a slight graphics bug with the respawn telepad thingys. I have a full-height cement block placed at z-axis 0. If I then try to place the respawn telepad thingy in the same space at z-axis 0, it covers most of the cement block. Ok, I probably shouldn’t be trying to do that, but still. Otherwise, however, everything seems to be working fine in the new update.

      Oh, and, with the new pvp arena support, I’d like to see a way to enable anyone to towntele an arena, without having to be on and add them manually.

      • Cool, I will take a look

        I’m planning on a ‘fast-travel’ system that will probably be the next major update, after a couple of smaller updates 🙂

        • Ok, I’ve just discovered the graphics bug mentioned above also happens with other blocks, including half cement blocks and dirt blocks, possibly others, not sure yet.

    • Sorry about the outages — I’m pricing out a new server that should be more stable

  2. Ok, I’ve found a problem with the update. In Scratso’s town, he’s made a pvp arena using 150 respawn telepads. There appear to be problems with the ‘randomness’ of respawn telepads, it keep favouring 1 telepad over all the others to respawn on. Don’t know if you can fix that, but could you try?

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