Recent YouTube Video Roundup

Couple neat vids uploaded to YouTube that I missed posting about earlier:

TheSwicked123 made an update on their series of videos: this one shows off their clan base and even includes a bit of fan art 🙂

kekleon10 recorded a foreign language video where he seems to be challenging El Dromedario to PvP fighting.  It’s cool to see people playing the game all across the world!



I have just added food to the game.  A chicken leg can be bought in the shop for a couple gold in the Household Goods section.  Once you’ve placed it in the world, press E to eat some delicious rotisserie chicken.

4.15.13 foodThanks to zloc6 and nine others for suggesting and voting this in the suggestion box.

PS – making chicken art and code today has left me FAMISHED.  Hehe. 😉