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Fixed Wildepad bug

Psy reported this morning about a bug where the Wildepad would occasionally tele you to a region with freshly built objects.  This should now be fixed, but please let me know if you spot it again

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The Wildepad

Many new (and even old) players have expressed frustration in finding the wilderness.  Early in the game, it was a simple matter to walk to the edge of Origin and build where you like.  But as the world has built outwards, it has become harder and harder to find the edge of the wild.

This is now addressed with The Wildepad.  This is a special telepad in Root that will teleport you into the wilderness.  You can then place down your Homestone and get to building right away.

4.4.13 wildepad

The Wildepad will follow these guidelines for finding you a spot:

  • It will never teleport you into someone's town
  • It will never teleport you into a region with existing built objects
  • It will prefer to teleport you on the edge of the wilderness as opposed to the deep wilderness
  • Of the available regions, it will teleport you to one randomly -- don't count on being able to get back there easily unless you place a Homestone or make note of the location!

Tutorial text has been rewritten to encourage new players doing Draco's quests to use the Wildepad in Root.  I hope this helps new and old players find a suitable building space.

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This next update is going to be 1337. Even my source control thinks so, hehe:


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2x Homestone Bugfixes

Fixed two Homestone bugs:

  • They can no longer be placed in someone else's house
  • You can't buy 10 of them

Thanks for report Ankos & Meep

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Homestone – User settable /home!

The #1 (and #3) player suggestion with a combined 163 votes has been implemented!  It is now possible to set your own /home location.

4.3.2013 homestone

Simply place a Homestone in your home, or wherever you wish to respawn, and from then on /home will respawn you there.  If you wish to respawn at Root, no problem, just type /root.

Shortcuts for both of these commands have been added to the menu.


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I'm a full-time indie again and that means updates!  Let's kick this off with a frequently requested new tile... WATER

4.2.2013 water first pass

Keep in mind that while there's water now, there's no swimming so it's basically a death trap 😉

Also, water stays in place for now.  In future, I will look at making dynamic fluids if there's demand (to the suggestion box!).

Next up - Islands?

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April Fools!

And now everything is back to normal.



Gaming technology is changing.  Every day, the quality bar for games changes and developers must meet the needs of their customers.

Consumers are demanding lower and lower fidelity graphics that requires short development time and attainable budgets.  Developers everywhere are bewildered by this unusually reasonable trend.

That's why we're excited to announce a new title capitalizing on this bold new direction.  Introducing... 1BitMMO!


You told us "8BitMMO has too many bits," or at least someone said that, possibly the smelly guy who throws muffins on 3rd avenue.  Anyway, we listened and now we have 87.5% less bits!

1BitMMO is a non-graphical M.U.D., essentially a multiplayer text adventure.  It cost an exhaustive development time of at least forty-five minutes, and is totally not just a stock mud downloaded from an FTP site because it also includes a snazzy 1BitMMO logo when you connect to it.

Said the lead developer, "We spent most of the development budget on a ham and cheese sandwich.  Our investors have confirmed this was a good decision as the sandwich also came with soup, and was only a few days old.  With our remaining $2.74, we hired a toddler to create the detailed artwork -- who later had to back out of the project due to artistic differences and a scheduling conflict with naptime."

1BitMMO launches today, April 1st, and is playable today only on the 8BitMMO website.  (Or you can play normal 8BitMMO by clicking here.)