Fee Door

I’ve added a new door today that has been hotly requested: the Fee Door.

5.22.13 fee door

With a Fee Door, you can charge other players gold to open your door.  You configure the amount with /feedoor fee <amt>.  As the owner, you get to enter for free.

When another user presses E to open the door, they see the door’s cost.  They can pay the cost and open the door by typing /feedoor open, or just /fdo

The door comes in both left handled and right handled varieties — but since they charge independently, I don’t recommend using them in double-door pairs.

The door also acts as a temporary safe — gold is deposited into the door, and when the owner opens it with E they can see how much gold it contains as it is then deposited into their main account.

Thanks to Bruno, Meep, and everyone else who voted and commented on this suggestion in the suggestion box.


Reward Block Rules

If you are placing a reward block, please take a read through on the placement rules.

Spirit of the rules:  The reward block is intended as a reward for players completing a challenge you have built.  It is also acceptable to use one as a town guestbook.


  1. An active, populated town may place one ‘open’ reward block (that does not require a challenge to reach) for use as a guestbook.  An empty town that only contains a townstone and a reward block does not qualify.
  2. For blocks placed at the end of a challenge, it should take at least 5~10 minutes to solve the challenge (ie, end of a dungeon or a end of a complex maze)
  3. Block must be reachable / challenge must be accomplishable
  4. Alt characters are not allowed and will be permabanned on sight.
  5. Fee doors are not allowed to be used in conjunction with reward blocks at all.
  6. Reward block must be publicly accessible.

PSA: Don’t use ‘trainers’ or ‘cheat programs’

I’ve seen a few people are talking about 8BitMMO ‘trainers’ or ‘cheat programs’ that claim they give you free gold or platinum.  I’m strongly encouraging users not to download these.  Obviously these programs are against the rules and if they worked would be cause for a ban.  Arguments about the fairness of cheating aside, I’ve yet to see any of these programs actually grant gold or plat.

One user decompiled the source code for one of these programs and found out its only function was to send your username and password to the cheat program’s author.  Do you really want someone stealing your account?  These programs may also come packaged with malware such as viruses, which can be a major pain to get rid of.

TLDR: Avoid shady cheat programs, they’re traps.


The Reward Block

Today I’ve added an exciting new item: the Reward Block.

At the end of dungeons (or mazes or whatever), drop a Reward Block to reward players for reaching the end.  Their name will be recorded into the list of users who reached the block, along with a total count of how many players found it.  If it’s the first reward block from your account that they’ve used, they’ll also receive 250 gold and 1 skill point!

5.10.13 - rewardblock

Try to find all the reward blocks in-game!  You can get a list of all of them, including their location coordinates with the command /rewardblocks

5.10.13 - rewardblock2

To start things off, Psy and I have placed reward blocks at the end of each of our dungeons.

5.10.13 - rewardblock3

Thanks to El Dromedario who posted the idea that inspired this to the suggestion box