Upcoming update… with 3x new mobs!

The next update is going to be pretty big.  Not only will it have the swords, it will also have at least three new mobs & their accompanying spawners.  This week I re-wrote how melee mobs are handled, so it’s a lot easier to add new ones.  Health will increase with each level.  I plan to release all this the week after next week (probably around 8/6)… hopefully by then, the new dungeons are ready to go.

block troll shot


Yes, you will get to fight game reviewers.  Hehehehe 😀


Today’s Updates

A couple updates for today:

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes if you used friends list it wouldn’t save your character until next reboot (thanks for bug report mina8)
  • Fixed bug where using arrow keys to move around would also scroll quest window (thanks for the bug report pixelpooper2)
  • Much more optimized code for spawners
  • Implemented blue & red swords, but to avoid unbalancing everything they can’t be purchased yet.  Soon!
  • Hipsters are way more deadly.  (I intended this for next week’s update to go along with the swords, but it ended up sneaking out.  Oh well, enjoy! :P)

Friend List

By popular demand, a basic friend list is now (finally) implemented:

  • /friend add <username> – add a friend
  • /friend remove <username> – remove friend
  • /friend list (or /f) – list friends

Anyone you add to your friend list, you will be able to see their online status with /f

Mutual friends will be notified when each other join/quit the game, and if they’re online, the name of the town they’re currently located in.



I’m excited to announce that 8BitMMO has been accepted into REACTOR, a start-up accelerator program here in Seattle that empowers the next generation of talent and innovation in games and apps.  I’ve been getting some quality mentoring, networking opportunities with other industry pros, and office space in their incubator lab.






Quest Reminder Window Changes

I’ve changed up quest text and the position of the quest reminder window to be easier to read.  Noobs never read the old one, so hopefully this one will be more useful to them for learning.  It’s way more noticeable, and the bullet-point outlining should be much more skimable.  Note that quest text won’t change to the new format until you turn in and get new quests.

new quest reminder window


  • Any change to inventory will reset inventory scroll (prevents getting stuck when scrolled down and sell items)
  • Leveling window moved to left
  • Menu > quests now toggles reminder window
  • Leveling window no longer moves in relation to quest window
  • You can still hide the quest reminder window the old fashioned way (SHIFT + U)