Leveling System Added

Big update today!  Based on player feedback and suggestions, I’ve added a new leveling system to the game.  You’ll notice an Exp Bar displayed next to your active item now:

7.5.13 level meter

You can gain experience points by:

  • Slay Lawyercats, Hipsters, and Slugs
  • Fight enemies in PvP arenas
  • Complete quests

Once you do, you will unlock items in the shop for each level:

7.5.13 level shop lockedv7.5.13 level shop unlocked

New items and shop categories with new items are highlighted in green to make them easy to find.

Some other misc changes:

  • Fixed bug where goldcap didn’t reset if you were offline when the timer reset
  • Admin command /potato to remotely turn people into potatoes 😛

Let me know how you like the new system!

PS, thanks to Trololo for the trap category bug report – is now fixed.