Desktop Launcher v3

Just pushed out a new build of the launcher:

  • Provides much better debugging information in the log file
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the error screen never showed up when an error occurred
  • Waits to authenticate until Steam indicates it is ready — may resolve the forever authenticating bug for some users
  • If DLL cannot be loaded (usually due to overly restrictive antivirus / Net Nanny software), an error is properly displayed
  • New method of downloading config files – may help those who were having trouble getting latest remote launcher version
  • Display error if not logged into Steam
  • Added links to FAQ on error screen

You should be updated automatically.  To check if you are running the latest launcher, your log file will say “Local launcher version:3“.  If it indicates 2, then right click 8BitMMO in steam -> files -> verify integrity of game cache, which should force an update.


Patch notes 12/16

  • Trading scam fixed – now if you change your offer, it unsets the offer accepted status for both you and your trading partner.
  • Lighting/low perf mode is triggered more easily now via FPS weighted average – hopefully this will help with some of the reported client lag.
  • Noticed Primary server was taking 25 minutes to load last night, did some optimizations and now it loads in 45 seconds!
  • Locked out of your safe?  No longer do you need to find me — now you can break into it yourself with /safe owneropen if you’re the owner of said safe.
  • More accurate memory usage debug reporting (on hitting F10)
  • Player can no longer wander into unloaded regions or off the map’s edge.  No more killing you for your safety 🙁
  • Names are no longer shown for mobs on a floor above you that you can’t see.

Ordering more (IRL) Shirts

I need to do a reorder of shirts so I’m opening it up to everyone to order if you’re interested.

They’ll be somewhere between $13-$20 each + shipping depending on how many folks buy-in.  I don’t think Google Wallet allows IRL product purchases like Google Checkout used to, so we’ll experiment with PayPal for this (or you can send Check, Money Order, Bitcoin, etc).

If you want to buy one, please open a support ticket with the subject ‘shirt’.  🙂

shirt preview

  • Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton Tee
  • 5.3-ounce, 100% preshrunk, open-ended carded cotton
  • Classic loose fit for all-day comfort
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamless collar
  • Double-needle neck sleeve and bottom hem

shirt details - basic


Patch Notes

Lots of misc stuff tonight:

  • Blue sword & Pixel Pistol’s levels have been swapped — now you can buy the blue sword to help you get through the Hipster dungeon
  • Sign added to Hipster dungeon reminding you to buy said sword
  • Made it possible to actually stand on the reward block instead of die at end of Hipster dungeon
  • Sir Zombie Brains gives more EXP now
  • At level 3 and above, Sir Zombie Brains gives cat or hipster quests if he’s run out of player quests to give you
  • For level 1 & 2, Sir Zombie Brains now gives quests in the pattern: 1) slay quest, 2) reward block quest, 3) if still not leveled up, a reminder that new quests are coming when you hit the next level and another slay quest
  • Two new hats added!  They’re part of the upcoming Steam Founder’s Packs that you’ll be able to get on Friday via Steam
  • Game server no longer hangs if IRC server dies
  • Mutes are now remembered between server reboots
  • Auto-mute for chat flood
  • Horizontal scrollbar should no longer show up when you complete a reward block quest
  • Lawyercat quests should now update in quest window
  • Purchasing scripts set up to handle new steam packs

Reminder window fancyness increased by 6 galactic units

In tonight’s 2:30am-i’m-super-exhausted-update-even-though-2:30-is-super-early, we bring you:

  • Quest reminder window highlights changes, so as you kill mobs there’s a little animation to go with that
  • Quest reminder window glows green when a new quest is added
  • Quest reminder nicely lines up dashes and line breaks after dashes
  • Pumpkins are out of season, and so no longer in the shop.  Although I would TOTALLY eat some pumpkin pie right now, because I forgot to get in on that during Thanksgiving.  That has nothing to do with this update though.
  • Monsters no longer try to attack disconnected players
  • Swording can only be done every 100ms now

Tentative target date for Steam launch is Friday the 13th (lucky!), although this could shift.  I plan to send out keys to ALL beta requestors after we’ve moved over to the new shiny servers — early next week.

zzz -_-


Level Doors

You can now build Level Doors that only allow players of a certain level to open them.  Additionally, this door will only open for that player, so it is impossible for lower level players to sneak through.

You can set the level by getting close to the door and doing /leveldoor <minimum level number>

I’ve rearchitected Root to take advantage of these — now you have to do some Draco & Zombie quests and finish Level 1 before you can wander out to the wider world.


Other changes today:

  • EXP bar increases show during dialogue again
  • Players can now drop any sword except the white starter sword
  • IRC no longer shows every single join/quit message (it was getting a bit overwhelming.  Now it just shows player count every minute)