Introducing… Pocket Universes!

pocket universe

Hot off the heels of the new map launch, I’m adding a new place for you to build in.¬† Your very own Pocket Universe.

When you use the Pocket Universe Telepad in Root, you’ll be transported to a universe of your very own.¬† There you can build, without worrying about nearby monsters or someone building near you.¬† By default, no one else can build in your universe, it’s all yours.¬† Just like any other map, it will persist across server reboots.

You can invite friends over to your Pocket Universe with a Homestone, or set up a telepad/publicpad if you prefer something more permanent.

If you want, you can upgrade your Pocket Universe with a Town Stone.¬† Doing so will increase the space from 2×2 regions to 3×3 regions, as well as let you have friends build there.¬† Other town functionality is supported as well, including the ability to further expand the size of the Pocket Universe with /townexpand.

Other changes:

  • You can now build towns on the edges of the world (again)
  • If an NPC grants XP during a conversation, the player’s Level/XP bar should be displayed (this bug fix is WIP)
  • Menu button now shows during the pit NPC conversations
  • You can’t accidentally place objects off in the black void anymore