Updates 1/29

  • You can no longer fight the darkness (swords don’t cause shadows to go away)
  • Fixed bug where sometime items would pickup/drop items when closing windows
  • Fixed bug where some windows would let you pickup/drop items through them accidentally
  • Can no longer place objects inside terrain you don’t own (previously it was possible to get objects stuck inside terrain and impossible to get them back)
  • Steam In-Game Purchasing added.  Now you can purchase packs in-game, instead of having to go through a web browser.  There is a small bug with this currently though, so please see note below.

Special Note about Steam In-Game Purchasing

There is currently a bug I am investigating where if you launch the game via Steam, you can only perform one in-game purchase per time you restart the game.  The first purchase per session works perfect.  On the second purchase, it will bring up the popup and you will not be able to click ‘Authorize.’  Don’t worry if you hit this bug – this does NOT bill your account.  In order to make a second purchase, restart the game.  I am currently asking Valve on how to fix this bug and hope to have a fix soon.


Custom Key Binds

In build 923, just released, you can now customize your key binds.


Want to use Z,Q,S,D to move instead of W,A,S,D?  Now you can!  Just go to Menu > Options > Edit Key Bindings.  You can change your key bindings in any version of the game.

Note that if you use the web edition, you will have to restart your browser and clear your cache to get this update.  If you don’t have a Edit Key Bindings button on the Options screen, you are not on the most recent build (923).



The 8BitMMO Headquarters / Supply Closet

We’ve snuck into REACTOR’s supply closet and set up shop there.  I’m pretty psyched about our new digs:

View from the outside
View from the outside
My desk
My desk – the displays on either side are monitoring real-time server status.  The blue monitor turns red if a server is down.  Also: ramen.

We’ve also got a white board, but it is full of secrets. 😉



Announcing the new Social Clubs

It was very tough to select a winner, there were many high quality entries.  But after much thought, the winners have been chosen for each server.

On Primary Server, Xerp has won with his entry (shown below).  On Potato Server, Fungdark has won.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered.  I’m very proud to see so many excellent entries — you guys are skillful builders!  Based on how good these entries are, I’m now planning to do more building contests in future.

Each server has the new area linked via Root, although due to instancing, you may not see the correct link until after you’ve been outside Root for at least ten minutes.

Primary Servers Social Club by Xerp


Patch Notes 1/8

  • /clearquests – allows you to erase all quests in the quest window.  Useful if you have a glitched quest, although if you do you will have to start over on Draco’s quest line.
  • Copied regions have correct owner
  • Removed Santa hat from shop (unless you already bought one)