The new Hammer weapon is now playable on Potato (and soon Primary if Potato remains stable during testing).


The Hammer is a strong weapon — it causes 10 damage in an area of effect around you.  However, you have to stand still for 3/4ths of a second before the weapon causes damage — just enough time to escape if your opponent is quick.

Other changes currently being tested on Potato:

  • If you trade your homestone to another player, you can buy a new one
  • Dialogue window properly uses the keybinding setting instead of always using ‘E’
  • Client/server time synchronization system (current being used in the Hammer)

20 thoughts on “Hammer”

  1. Well as of RIGHT now, the hammer is on the potato server and costs 800g. So if you wanna play with it and get it before it goes plat (if it does) better get on potato server and try it out while you still can 😛

  2. Yah ok i agree, But can you please make some new blocks as well or make some of the plat items gold because my town is having a really hard time and it has 0 plat items. So it is like a ghost town now cause of no plat blocks in it.:(

  3. Most fun weapon so far! Finally a weapon which you can’t spam 100x per second.
    If all weapons would get a cooldown/delay/reload time PvP would be truly fun.

      1. 😐 Okay meep, say hi to the new weapon: the laser spammer. 😐 Why sim9 made the first update of the hammer saying “HAMMER TIME!” ? That’s self-spam. No?

  4. lol 2 things may be glitches maybe not but 1. the hammer will attack infenently upward 2. if you die your attack still happens

  5. Some other bugs:

    You can change weapon during the ”swing” of the hammer, that way you can use 2 weapons at the same time.

    And you can charge up your laser, switch to a different weapon and then release space to shoot a laserbeam while holding a different weapon.

  6. i love this new weapon its so easy farming now u can dominate everything without spamming spacebar im so happy btw hilarious description i told my friends the description they laughed their heads off

  7. Suggestions:

    1. You actually click the reply button to the comment you wish to reply to.
    2. Sim9 made farming, so…

    Sorry if I sound rude or anything, just some advice.

  8. The idea of the homestone will cause bugs, like trade the homestone to another player and buy another. Then, the other player trade the homestone to you. You have… 2 homestones of you. 😛

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