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The 100,000 Gold Easter Egg Hunt

Find all four eggs and solve all the riddles to discover the safe password at /tele Easter.  The safe contains 100,000 gold, which will be the reward to one skilled player who cracks the puzzle.


The gold is donated by KJH787, thanks kjh!

Here is your first clue:

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  1. Lel.. I wonder where they are..

  2. Hmmm… Needs more 80’s references.

  3. After being the second person to find the air egg, i have no clue what next……. This is going to ruin me.

  4. I found all 4 but the code is a encryption and robby messed up. Whatever i still got the eggs. Forget the money. Just don’t remove the eggs. Make them stay like the pumpkins.AND FRIEND ME ROBBY.


  6. that’s supposed to be a 0.3 second lasting clue, and then weird crap lolol

  7. I got all the way to the last clue before realizing it had been won 🙁

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