Steam Achievements are in!

achievementI am excited to announce that you can now unlock Steam Achievements while you play the Steam edition of the game.  Check out the full list of achievements.

ALL achievements can be earned by all players, although some can be a bit tricky 😉

Some special notes for existing players:

  • If you’ve already collected reward blocks, you can trigger the achievement via /rewardblocks
  • If you’ve already completed Draco’s questline, talking to him will unlock both those achievements
  • If you’ve already fallen in the pit, talking to RobbyZ will unlock that achievement

Special Mac note:  The overlay doesn’t work on my machine, but the actual unlocking does work.


Assorted Updates

Fridge / Flowers Fix:  There was a bug where the Fridge & Flowers household goods items were poking out through ceilings.  If you pick them up and place them again, now they will correctly sort.

Draco Tutorial:  Draco gives new players 10 half-sized blocks now.  I suspect these will be a bit easier for new players to learn with than the full size blocks.

Shadow/outline tuning:  Picking up a block should correctly adjust the outlines of remaining blocks around it now.  Shadows on dirt should be more likely to show up.  Also, when moving the placement preview block, shadows will only be recalculated as needed.

TV Rename:  Modern TV is now officially called Platscreen TV in the shop.  Not sure who started calling it that, but you’re a genius. 😛


Mac + Linux, also Trade fix

I’ve just pushed to Steam Mac & Linux builds!  I had to rewrite part of the rendering pipeline for Mac, but it seems to be working well so far.

These builds should be considered very beta, so please report bugs that affect these platforms on the forums (or if it just works, that’s good to hear too! ;))

Linux has been tested and is known to work on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit.
Mac has been tested and is known to work on OSX 10.9.2 (Mac Mini).

Known issues:

  • Mac + Linux: Overlay doesn’t seem to work in-game.
  • Mac + Linux: If you switch windows, you may see two cursors in-game.
  • Mac:  Game & launcher icons are shown as generic Java icons.
  • Mac:  Java icon sometimes continues to be shown after game is finished, until icon is clicked.
  • Linux (64bit):  Additional libraries are required, please see ‘How to Install 8Bit-MMO on 64-bit Ubuntu’ in the FAQ.

I’ve also fixed an issue that affected trading.  Trading now has better trade offer validity checking, so if you happen to get hit by phantom inventory objects, those objects won’t appear to be tradeable anymore.