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Steam Achievements are in!

achievementI am excited to announce that you can now unlock Steam Achievements while you play the Steam edition of the game.  Check out the full list of achievements.

ALL achievements can be earned by all players, although some can be a bit tricky 😉

Some special notes for existing players:

  • If you've already collected reward blocks, you can trigger the achievement via /rewardblocks
  • If you've already completed Draco's questline, talking to him will unlock both those achievements
  • If you've already fallen in the pit, talking to RobbyZ will unlock that achievement

Special Mac note:  The overlay doesn't work on my machine, but the actual unlocking does work.

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  1. I love the achievements 🙂

  2. Awesome, this is something looking forward to

  3. Wait Are The Achievements Only Unlocked In Steam ? Because I Dont Have Steam 🙁

  4. How Is The Be The Developer achievement unlockable????????? Logging in as you?

  5. To be the developer, I’m working on an mmo. If I worked on it for 13 years, I’d have started when I was two…

  6. How do you “Be the Developer”?? I have 22/24 achievements. I need “Be the Developer” and “get all the reward-blocks” HELP ME! I know I can get all the reward-blocks, BUT HOW DO YOU BE THE DEVELOPER, LOG IN AS YOU. GAME HAZARD!

    • And also, about EVEER word on my screen is blue and double underlined, if I click it, it takes me to the ad’s site. And I ALWAYS getr a video and I am having SUPER LAG when I am on the 8BitMMO page.HELP

    • I have serious problems trying to get that achievement. I keep talking with RobbyZ in Root, going to the Dev blog, and other random stuff, but it still doesn’t work.

  7. How the what…. how can i make a MMO lol. Im only 12 yrs old so i probably have started -1 year old

  8. I don’t have steam 🙁

  9. the steam-over lay does not work on any devices i think :l

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