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Fourteen Years of Development in Screenshots

At 3PM Pacific, we'll be celebrating our official 1.0 launch!  But it hasn't been quick to get here.  8BitMMO's development originally started in 2001, and had a great many rewrites in the intervening fourteen years.

Over the years, I have saved screenshots of what the project looked like. I've also provided below some insights as to my thought process and other stuff going on in my life.  This post ended up being far more personal than I intended, but maybe it'll end up being useful to someone out there.  Indie dev isn't an easy road.  I've had great victories and bad times both.  So ready your modems, because this post is gonna be long.

To sum up fourteen years of dev...


step1 - simple level io - 12.1.01 12.30pmBecame this:

2.21.2011 sprint1 mp test

And then later became this:


There was a lot stuff in-between that though... let's go back to 2001 and take a look at the many, many scrapped engines and intermediary steps...

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  1. On a slow Friday I was bored, so I decided to add Potatoes as a playable race in-game. hmm you should be bored more often, also keep on good work 🙂

  2. great job sim9!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make this Robby, I read it all the way through.
    I learned a lot about 8BitMMO’s past, and was touched a few times regarding the emotional stress you’ve had to endure. Although today is the launch (and I will miss it because of work), you have a bright future in gaming ahead of you and I wish you all the best in your future projects. Crossing my fingers for you 😀

  4. Wow, what a history. Odd thing is, even with all the content descriptions, graphics changes, and update histories, for some reason the post I want to hear more about is your “literally starving” experience.

  5. That was almost like watching one of them American slice of life movies… with a wacky Jim Carry… Life going on in montage as people get older… and that constant stream of sickeningly nice but atmospheric music!
    All handled without making me really want to throw up!

    Just being a jerk! Love what you’ve done long time Robby ;3 still hoping as one of this games players, we can help make your baby grow up to become one heck of a piece of art!

  6. beautiful :’) now i have a slight feeling of nostalgia to go and play the old 8bitmmo (when there were only lawyer cats not the doggys)

  7. I remember some of this……..
    Not htmud

  8. Wow this actually hit me pretty hard with nostalgia.

  9. The party for 1,000,000 registered users will be epic.

  10. =666 build is snow 😀

  11. IN PAGE 6 THERE IS A PHOTO OF A TOWN… I THINK IT’S FOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBBY SAY ME! IT WAS MINE!?

  12. 4/1/2014 is that my town!??!?!

  13. Wow, great job on the game sim and may it grow to the best game ever!

  14. WDYM. It’s ALREADY the best game ever!

  15. This game is awesome i’ve only started playing and it was fun! Good job

  16. Heh. It’s crazy to think I jumped in right as it was getting good and jumped out as it was getting great.

    A kickass job you’ve done Simmy.

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