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Mystery Boxes & More Gold

mysteryBoxExperimenting with a couple notable changes aimed at making it easier to build cool stuff for players of all levels without also breaking the bitconomy too badly (hopefully):

  • Added Mystery Boxes, which allow you to randomly get a plat block (or maybe even a rare block) for a mere 1,800g.  (This might be way too low, but let me know what you think in the comments)
  • Goldcap upped from 1k to 2k per gold cycle
  • Mobs give more gold per kill, especially low level mobs
  • Expand blocks cannot be used for the first ten seconds of their existence to prevent accidental use when opening a mystery box
  • Dungeon items are much cheaper (hopefully we'll see more player-built dungeons in future)
  • 250+ and 2k expand blocks now available for direct purchase in the shop

Still experimenting with the balancing on this, so let me know what you think.

UPDATE: Based on everyone's feedback, I've just made the following changes to the Mystery Box:

  • Upped price, now costs 3750g
  • For common items, the items given will bias towards less expensive items & dungeon items (the more expensive the item, the less likely it is)
  • Rares are now more rare
  • Fixed mystery box shop description in foreign languages
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  1. whoop this is aweomse, love it all, i got an idea, make dire and games 4plat instead of 3, also make mysterboxes expensive for everyone and only 1gold for me :P. and i love the new mob stuff (giving us more gold and higher gold cycle)

  2. Best update everh 2015

  3. Reducing spawner prices is a great move I think and it will hopefully lead to more dungeons. Maybe reduce the price for rewardblocks a bit as well? 6-8 plat?

    Maybe make cats give 2 gold and Hipsters 4 gold. That way you will experience gold gets easier to get the higher level you get.

    I’m not so sure about these mystery boxes. You will miss out on a lot of money. Players will just spam boxes rather than trading with a player who has bought a plat item. I t should at least be more expensive. On the other hand with all these free items players might stay around for longer and will buy a townstone with expansions to use all those plat items. I wonder what the other players think about this….

  4. I think the boxes are too cheap at 1.8k a plat boxes should be 5k or something to purchase…

  5. This. At 5-6k you’d lose significantly on a 1p item, but still have a chance of the higher items.

    Also, the economy broke. People are selling mob spawners for 1800g. Now I wonder where they got that number from…

  6. I get why its broken now XD

  7. You might want to increase the price of a mystery box RIGHT NOW. People are spending all their money on boxes like there is no tommorow. Prices have gone as low as 200g for a keyspawner…

  8. I agree, Robby you need to increase the price

  9. Aside from mystery box needing a price increas (2k to 2.5k maybe?) I think it needs to have a limit as to how many you can buy per day. Honestly, because of these economy-breaking boxes, I think we can expect raw plat to be tradeable within the next few updates. (Also, as mentioned previously dires and game revs should be 4p to balance out costs. Or make slugs 1p and cats/hipsters 2p)

    Also, if anyone wants to see what happened when xerp found out… Do /tele tele and go to the bottom right and top right.

  10. Sim , please fix this problem , the game can’t function properly with plat item so low. Your going to lose money if you carry on with plat soooo low, players are losing money. My second complaint is to raise the mystery box to roughly between 5k to 10k. In order by doing this your going to level out the messed up economy. PLEASE RAISE PLAT TO A HIGHER PRICE IN THE SHOP!!!!!! But on the bright side i think the gold farming is a good idea.

  11. Mystery Boxes almost made me broke, still worth it XD a good update sim!

  12. I agree, the low price DID break the economy but this is a welcome break from the players trying to sponge 30-40k for 1 plat. Items from players who cannot afford to buy them with real money atm. Perhaps a gold cap can be put on for certain items?

  13. uh can you make public boxes not use plat? the biger ver can be plated
    i need the box

  14. This will actually make sim9 money and break down the idiots who were selling platties at like 5k/plat

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