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  1. Is it the level door we’ve been waiting for?

  2. Lmao can’t believe I said level door instead of password door 😛

  3. Dude i’ve been waiting for the level door for SOOO LONG!

  4. woot! password door! (i think)

  5. Hmm.. It maybe a Password door or a door that somewhat allows only specific players to enter.

    And Also, Who Remembers me and wants me to come back?

  6. It’s a crate full of flying bananas that can be let loose to wreck massive havoc.

  7. Noooo! Grim, stop telling horror stories! ..

  8. will it be a door that when you open it on the other side will be a lawyer cat waiting to scratch your face off! >.<

  9. Well… there’s the same color used as at the safe…
    and safe works with password
    yay i made a logical conclusion!

  10. no,you dont understand,silly wrzl,you can put money inside the door 😀 and it wont open (???)

    but hey,that would be good for a locker door 😮

  11. It’s a free plat door that gives free plat…YES!!!

  12. Password door? maybe? that would be cool I guess.

  13. Yeah maybe it’s a password door. Maybe it’s a clan door?!

  14. Definitely a password door, I think.

  15. This is either an acces door or a password door/erijon3
    acces door= the owner decides which ones are able to open it 10/2/2015

  16. I’m not a robot.


  18. im gonna say it opens feb/15

  19. yeah its the password door

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