Announcing: March of Industry

I’m excited to officially announce my next big project, March of Industry!

In March of Industry, players manage a weapons factory in a recently-capitalist, ex-Soviet country. Take the country’s natural resources (copper, tin, vodka) and craft them together to create more advanced resources and finally weapons. You can sell these weapons and use the proceeds to automate the crafting and mass-produce even more weapons.

As your factory expands, you can create better (and more outlandish) weapons. The ‘Rocket-Propelled Katana Launcher’ is both simple to make and reasonably profitable. If you’re up for more of a challenge, try combining ‘Vodka’ and ‘Exercise Machines’ to create the smelly but deadly ‘Vladimir Putin’s Gym Shorts’. Or perhaps you prefer the terrifying but compact ‘Inconveniently Small Dragons’?

Sign up for the upcoming private beta here, or check out our new Steam page here (we are also planning on Kongregate and Android editions).  We also have a forum setup here.