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Vote for your Exclusive Novemberbit Hat

Thanks to everyone who joined for the hatstream today.  We made SEVEN potential NovemberBit hats.

The Novemberbit reward page has been updated with a voting system.  If you've backed $49+, you can vote for the official Novemberbit Exclusive Reward Hat.  The winning hat will only be available to the $49+ backers.

The hats that don't win will either be discarded, made available for public purchase, or added to my secret hat stockpile.

HatStream2015VoteAlso, wild grass has been fixed so that it gives the correct number of wild grasses.  If you previously claimed them, you can reclaim to get your additional +1 wild grass.

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  1. Quick! No one vote for the draco hat so everyone can get it! XD


  3. If we’re allowed to vote for our own, I choose Tiny dude!

  4. I want to see the draco hat

  5. Wonder if the other hats are actually going to be in the shop soon…

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