Last Wave Story (Global Game Jam 2017)

A point and click adventure game in a DOSpunk visual style.

Story:  A group of youths discover a conspiracy in their town that has destroyed all waves.  They take it upon themselves to restore waves to the city!  But what is the true purpose of the conspiracy?

Runs about 25 minutes based on our playtester.

Warning:  This story gets a bit dark.  Intended for mature audiences.


Download / Play

General Notes

  • This game was made in 48 hours (not including a few quick fixes after the jam).
  • Intended for play on 720p or 1080p aspect ratio.
  • You may post videos of this game to your youtube channel.

Release Notes

Post jam quick fixes:

  • UI tidied up
  • Intro screen animation added
  • WebGL build created
  • Fixed phantom Ardito bug
  • Fixed bug where you could get the bank vault contents before opening it

v4 fixes: (2/28/17)

  • Main music extended & misc sounds added
  • Decreased seams on tiles everywhere (download version only)
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck in science facility if you entered without radio
  • Fixed bug where you could teleport to beginning of game by using main door to science facility
  • Ardito now comes out of a door, instead of from nowhere
  • You can now try to give Tim his shoe back


Written and implemented by

Robby Zinchak

Twitter: @RobbyZinchak

Audio by

Chris Hodel


Andrew Pang

Twitter @pangtiece

Evan Witt


Technology used


Adventure Creator

Fonts used

ASCII Bitmap Font by Creature

Code New Roman by Sam Radian

Special thanks


Pacific Science Center

Thank you for playing.