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Translate Dragon Audit to Your Language

Multilingual? Interested in translating Dragon Audit to your language?

We now have a translation server set up, and most strings from the game are ready to be translated!  There are still a fair number that need to be moved into the translation server, but what's on the translation server represents approximately 90% of strings that need to be translated for a full translation.

Check this page to learn more and get started!

Translation status

Sometimes it can be useful to have some test data to see if the translation code is working or not, so I made a "Dragonese" language for testing. So here is the game in rawr-speak 😉

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Mattress Store vs Tiny Harpy Plague

A free gamejam internet multiplayer game where you fight harpies that are invading your mattress store, only to become them when you lose.


Made in one weekend! Download here.


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