Dragon Audit: Translations / Bug Fix Update

We are happy to release a new build of Dragon Audit on Steam + AESU with the following updates:

  • New translation: Chinese (Simplified).
  • Polish font consistency: fixed font mixing by adding a method to prevent that via a tuneable parameter in the LanguageInfo.json file. (Note – if you prefer the old style mixing multiple fonts, you can just remove the relevant line in that file to get the old style back).
  • Updated TMP to enable Dynamic fonts (useful for languages with many characters/glphys without using lots of memory).
  • Fix Brazilian Portuguese not referencing button correctly in tutorial.
  • Pulled in a few misc text changes to other languages.
General bug fixes:
  • Menus: select something if player is trying to move controller but nothing selected.
  • Prevent POI hotkey opening on the minigame since it conflicts with bumper buttons (on controllers).
  • Fix for stray line near Ayraw’s horn on extras menu / new game menu.
  • Framerate optimizations for Castle level when running in low-res objects mode.