Dragon Audit – Controls Update (SVN3850)

Dragon Audit has a new controls update, available on Steam & AESU.  This update expands on the control options, including adding a new Mouse Look mode.

The three control modes are now:

  • Controller – Still the recommended way to play.
    This mode is default, but you can get back to it by the main Reset All button on the left of options (or to only reset the controls, click ‘Reset controls to mouse look’ and tune down sensitivity back down to 100%)
  • Mouse Look (New) – Keyboard for navigation + mouse to look around.  This is similar to some other third person 3D adventure games.
    Activate this by clicking ‘reset controls to Mouse Look.’ (Doing this will bind the controls appropriately, including new mouse button bindings for left click / right click, toggles off the camera follow, and ups the look sensitivity to 150%).
  • Keyboard Look (Original) – Use the keyboard to move and look around — still supported if you prefer this.
    Activate this by clicking ‘reset controls to Keyboard Look.’ (This will rebind controls, toggle on quick camera follow, and set look sensitivity down to 100%)

In addition to Mouse Look, the update also adds support for:

  • Tunable look sensitivity setting
  • Ability to adjust (or disable!) the camera automated return to center movement behavior
  • Decrease the character movement speed if it is too fast

Lastly, some bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare bug where George would slide through the Meet Scene
  • Fix that weird foot dance Metra would sometimes do at the beginning of Ayraw’s Castle gameplay section
  • Localization updates & fixes

New Dragon Audit Build (SVN3745)

Now available on both Steam and AESU:

  • A few missing translations added
  • Translations can now specify translated names
  • “High Res Objects” toggle for better Castle performance on lower end machines (defaults to off lower quality settings) — it massively reduces the object count in Castle library by simplifying the books
  • Fix for Todd loading back in the wrong spot after saving after you take his shrimp
  • New EXE Icon
  • Fixed attract mode continue icon in wrong spot in non-English by simplifying just to a flashing button
  • Unity minor version upgrade to 2018.4.30f1
  • Fix an issue where Play Game on mainmenu wasn’t being circled very well on hover

Hoard of Bonus Content

The Hoard of Bonus Content contains over 12 gigabytes of behind-the-scenes content.  There’s an interview, blooper reel, numerous videos of early in-development going all the way back to 2013, concept art, wallpapers, and all sorts of stuff to explore. 

Bonus Hoard Image

Access it now via Steam (if you already bought it direct, you can get a free Steam code on Dragon Audit’s download page.)


Dragon Audit Ending Released

Dragon Audit’s ending is now released!  You can now enjoy the last ~20 minutes of the game which includes a high-quality animated cinematic.

This update includes a number of other features, such as localization support for most (but not all) strings, surround sound support, adjustable jiggle, and numerous bug fixes.

After so many years of development, it’s exciting to finally have the whole game playable and now released!

Coming up for the next build, we’ll be working on getting the bonus features done for the Hoard of Bonus Content.  Then it’s off to our official release on Steam, PS4, and Switch.


Translate Dragon Audit to Your Language

Multilingual? Interested in translating Dragon Audit to your language?

We now have a translation server set up, and most strings from the game are ready to be translated!  There are still a fair number that need to be moved into the translation server, but what’s on the translation server represents approximately 90% of strings that need to be translated for a full translation.

Check this page to learn more and get started!

Translation status

Sometimes it can be useful to have some test data to see if the translation code is working or not, so I made a “Dragonese” language for testing. So here is the game in rawr-speak 😉


Castle Level, Achievements for Dragon Audit Released

Purchasers of Dragon Audit can now download the Castle level — this means that all in-game content except the ending is now playable!

George and Ayraw must fix the castle’s paternoster in order to complete the audit.  Search the castle for useful parts:

Along the way, you’ll get to see George & Ayraw’s backstories, too:

Also included is a new built-in achievement system — all of them but ‘Beat the Game’ should currently be unlockable:

The custom PC controls binding system that previously debuted in the demo is also now available:

There’s also some improved visuals of the mainland peninsula leading up to Ayraw’s floating island:

There are too many changes to list, but here’s some of the popularly requested fixes and systems:

  • Specials updated in Squelch’s Tavern
  • Don’t run when looking at UI
  • Custom mouse cursor
  • Fixed jumping down stairs
  • Smoother movement through doors and against walls so you don’t get stuck moving
  • Improved visuals
  • Added a secret to Castle

To play it, just open the launcher (AESU) and you should get the latest content automatically.  The build date on the main menu should be 7/28 and marked ‘CAS’ (for Castle).

The dev status page has also been updated.