Meetup Recaps

A bunch of meetups over this past weekend:

8BitMMO Achievement Meetup

We had ~41 people online. Met at the social club, plus some zombieism pvp, and a livestream look at some areas in the old 9bitmmo test client:


Dragon Audit Discord Chat Meetup

Also on Saturday, there was lots of good Q&A and some competition for high score on Durgon Pinball:

Dragon Audit Livestream w/ Community VO

On Sunday, I played through the first part of Dragon Audit, while community members BigApplePie and Scratso provide live voice over. Skip to 3:39 for start of game

Thanks to everyone who participated in the meetups over the weekend!


Inactive Character Wipe

In order to clean up old accounts so the server uses less memory (part of an upcoming server migration), I’ll be wiping inactive characters soon.¬† This mostly affects ancient accounts that were never used much.

Characters which meet ALL these criteria will be wiped (all below conditions must be met):

  • Has not logged in for at least six months
  • Owns less than 20 objects total (either in inventory or placed in world)
  • Is level 1 or 2
  • Has less than 1000 gold
  • Does not own a safe or box (either in inventory or placed in world)

The wiped character’s inventory will be deleted; any placed objects in world will be reassigned to a pooled character.

As most serious players built more than 20 objects, this primarily only affects the accounts which were created and quickly abandoned.¬† However, if you’re worried, simply do a quick login on the server(s) you wish to keep your character data on.

Update 3/13: The inactive character wipe is now complete. Between that and some other optimizations, server is now using way less ram and can reboot much more quickly than before. Looking good for upcoming server migration.


9BitMMO Freecam & Glitch Mode

Two updates for the 9BitMMO client today in build 2055:

Freecam Mode

You can now press F6 to enable free camera mode to fly around — great for taking screenshots/videos of your creations.

Use W,A,S,D to move normally. Q,E to go up/down. And hold shift to go fast.

Glitch Mode (experimental)

You can press F5 to enable Glitch Mode, which will every once in a while render glitch artwork correctly.¬† This comes at the cost of a) much lower framerate, and b) making everything else render incorrectly.¬† The long term solution is probably smaller blocks to do glitch artwork ‘properly’, but in the meantime you can get some nice renders using this technique:



It tends to work most frequently in the normal camera mode (no rotation mode).


Upgraded Password Hashing

Following up on some of the planned security improvements I discussed earlier, the backend now uses a new, more secure password hashing system (Blowfish with random salt).

In order to upgrade your account password hash, simply login normally to the website or in-game (anywhere you normally type your username & password).¬† If you normally use Steam auto-login, you’ll want to login via the website one time in order for your password hash to be upgraded to the new format.

Both 8BitMMO and 9BitMMO have been updated to support the new system.

As always, please let me know if you spot any new bugs as a result of this change.


=68 Landrush Schedule

landrushThe new =68 map is created and ready to go!  Everyone can access it, regardless of level, via the telepad hidden away at the southwest of Root.

This map is more build-focused, and as such does not spawn mobs and has a totally flat terrain.

While everyone can view the map now, no one can build until their Landrush phase opens up.¬† If you try to place before your Landrush slot opens, you’ll get a countdown of exact time remaining.¬† Here is the schedule for landrush:

  • 1/6 – Ultimate Landrush ($500+ during Novemberbit)
  • 1/7 – Super Landrush¬† ($200+ during Novemberbit)
  • 1/8 – Normal Landrush¬† ($70+ during Novemberbit)
  • 1/9 – Open to All

Account Security Tips

It’s important to keep your 8BitMMO account safe.¬† Lately, some 8BitMMO accounts have been targeted for theft.¬† Please take the following steps to ensure the safety of your account:

  1. Be sure you have a good password set.¬† Simple passwords can be easily guessed and thereby hacked, so it’s good to change your password if it is weak.
  2. Be sure you have an e-mail set.  If your account is compromised, it can only be saved by having an e-mail associated with it.
  3. Never give your password to anyone.
  4. Avoid modifications that contain executable code.¬† Several instances of “trainer” programs have captured account passwords unbeknownst to their users.¬† No “trainer” or “exploit” programs can give you free plat.