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Transponder Public Testing on Potato

Transponders are now available for everyone to test on Potato server!  Please let me know about any bugs.


  • Fixed issue where transponders wouldn't be attacked from the left if they were on a 1x1 tile platform
  • Fixed transponder permissions bug where anyone could activate transponder
  • Transponder now publicly available for purchase in Dungeon category
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Transponder Updates (on Potato)

  • It is now possible to insta-rebuild destroyed blocks from a transponder match.  Via /restorelist, you can get a list of the five most recent matches and how many blocks were destroyed in each.  With /restorelimbo, you can restore destroyed blocks from a given match.  Currently the cost for this is 1 plat per instant rebuild. (Shown in the video at 4:56)
  • Super fancy UI for when starting & finishing match (check it out in the video at 4:26)
  • Fixed bug where mobs would attack other attackers
  • Match observers should not be targeted or be able to cause damage to mobs
  • Block HP now scales to its relative cost for most gold blocks & doors
  • Block & Player HP heals to full HP at the beginning of a match
  • Disallow changes to townpvp during a transponder battle
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Font Changes in Potato Testing

Some small changes to how fonts are handled:

  • Non-english language: will render using entirely system TTF fonts (looks nicer & more consistent than mixing fonts within the same sentence)
  • Custom texture pack authors can now dump in chatFont.ttf, questHeaderFont.ttf, and questFont.ttf files into to change up the in-game fonts

These changes are only currently being tested on Potato live.

Here's some random fonts for texture pack testing:


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Seperate output window for long commands

Commands with long results now output to their own windows.  This works for: /rewardblocks, /publicpad list, /towns, and /credits.

Speaking of /credits, if you purchased a reward tier that includes a game credit, it's now been added.  Thanks!


Special thanks to folks who spotting the ESC crash & scroll speed issues. 🙂

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Lawyerhats & Trap Kit are out


  • If you backed the $50 fundraiser tier, you can now get Lawyerhats via this page!
  • If you backed the $25 fundraiser tier, you can now get your Trap Kit via this page!
  • Added left/right art for shirts & accessories -- unfortunately this changed all the position indices, so you need to re-equip these items via the shop.


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Coming soon: Lawyerhats (Octoberbit reward)

I was dared to make this on the livestream. Challenge accepted.



Also, there's already fanart of this before I even was able to post this blog 😀

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One day only: Pumpkin Mask

pumpkinMaskFresh in for October 31st, grab the Pumpkin Mask today in-game under Clothing >> Accessories.  It will only be available to purchase today(ish), but can be equipped anytime after purchase.

Note there's a minor lighting bug with it currently where the lighting is slightly off when moving left -- I need to make accessories support different textures for left/right like hats do.

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Super early Potato testing of Transponders

Transponder backers can now try out Transponders for themselves by:

  1. Launch game on Potato server
  2. In web browser, go here
  3. Click option for Transponders on Potato
  4. Within 30 seconds, they should show up in your inventory

It's still super early, but you can place a Transponder in your pocket universe and (attempt to) defend it.  Right now surviving the full five minute round is very tough, but I'll be doing more balancing on this in future.

Transponders will cause waves of mobs to attack you, including other players if they use a Combatpad (there's one in Potato's Root).  Waves will get progressively more difficult, influencing how many mobs/other players are spawned in.

While in a match, players with red name are enemies, green names are allies, and white names are observers (they cannot cause damage to blocks or players).

Please note that mobs/players CAN destroy blocks, so don't have any important blocks you care about (especially plat blocks) in the pocket universe when a Transponder is active.

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TW Update Teaser

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Officially just started working on The Next Big Update!


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