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The Wildepad

Many new (and even old) players have expressed frustration in finding the wilderness.  Early in the game, it was a simple matter to walk to the edge of Origin and build where you like.  But as the world has built outwards, it has become harder and harder to find the edge of the wild.

This is now addressed with The Wildepad.  This is a special telepad in Root that will teleport you into the wilderness.  You can then place down your Homestone and get to building right away.

4.4.13 wildepad

The Wildepad will follow these guidelines for finding you a spot:

  • It will never teleport you into someone's town
  • It will never teleport you into a region with existing built objects
  • It will prefer to teleport you on the edge of the wilderness as opposed to the deep wilderness
  • Of the available regions, it will teleport you to one randomly -- don't count on being able to get back there easily unless you place a Homestone or make note of the location!

Tutorial text has been rewritten to encourage new players doing Draco's quests to use the Wildepad in Root.  I hope this helps new and old players find a suitable building space.

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  1. Let’s hope this will help new players getting around in 8BitMMO.

    but….. there seems to be a problem with the random generator.
    No matter how many times I use the Wildepad, it keeps sending me to the left edge of the worldmap!

    • Hmm, haven’t decided yet if this is a bug or a feature, lol. This would leave the right side open for larger player cities, at least until the left fills up.

  2. I got one yesterday. Old post too.

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