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Homestone Invites + Bug Fixes

homestoneTonight's update adds Homestone Invites.

You can now invite another player to visit your homestone.  Just type /homeinvite <guest's name> to invite the player to visit your homestone.  They will be notified that for the next fifteen minutes that they can do /invite <homestone owner's name> to visit that homestone.

Two bug fixes are also included tonight:

  • Using doors/signs/etc now considers z-height -- no more using a balcony door and it opens up the door on the ground floor.  Thanks for the report Klemen702
  • Fixed outlining grid issue which was especially noticeable on the new map.  Thanks for the report Grim
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  1. best game ever

  2. Thanks again!

    PS. Can’t wait for my steam beta code 😉

  3. PSS. Could we ever give people access to certain locked doors? Would be an amazing feature so you could share certain rooms in a giant house.

  4. Does the z- fix thing ONLY allow you to use doors/signs/etc around your current z-axis, or does it still allow you to use ones at different heights if there isn’t one closer? Well, I know what I mean.
    And do reward blocks come under this fix as well?

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