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KJH Drawing Livestream – 2PM PST Wed

We will be drawing the winner of the KJH Drawing this Wednesday at 2PM Pacific time -- get the time in your local time zone.

I might also show off the new map if it's far enough along, and perhaps give out some steam beta keys 😉

For a calendar invite:  iCalFacebook event, or Steam event (join group).

 >> Twitch TV Watch Link <<

UPDATE: Stream over!  Thanks for tuning in!  PsychoticSmiley won!  Here is a saved copy of the broadcast:

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  1. hi plz give me and friends early beta we will leave oyu with any bugs we find

    • Firstly, the entire point of Steam beta right now is for bug testing, there’s no real advantage yet.
      Secondly, are you aware Steam beta access was a reward in the fundraiser? If Robby gives them out to just anyone who asks, quite a few people would be rather annoyed.
      Finally, this says there might be some given out during the livestream. That’s on Wednesday. Be patient.

      Oh, one last thing. Try grammar, or spelling. They do wonders for your credibility.

  2. Where can we register to get a chance to be a owner of beta key while the stream this Wednesday ?

  3. Converted Time
    Moscow, Russia

    Lol, will there be a recording of the stream? If no, hey, guys, take screenshots if he shows us the new map, please!

  4. I fell REALY bad for kjh… he doesn’t get to draw anything 🙁

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