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Coming Soon: Net Compression, Instancing, Z-Lock hotkeys

I wanted to give a preview of a few features that I'm planning to have up and running before the week is out:

Net Compression - We're testing out a method of compressing network traffic that will result in as much as 60% less data required.  This should result in faster region loads.

Instancing - Sometimes Root gets so full, it's hard to even find the NPCs to talk to.  Instancing will allow each player to explore Root & the tutorial areas by themselves, so they won't have to deal with fifty other players getting in the way.  One day in the future, I'd like to expand this even further so anyone can create their own instanced dungeons that players can group together to tackle.

Z-Lock Hotkeys - In the next client build, you will be able to cycle Z-axis with ctrl + [ and ctrl + ].  A red background will remind you that you have Z-Axis Lock engaged.

Additional fixes - Fixed issue where you could start typing into the chat bar when you have a rpg dialogue open, and fixed issue where you could get stuck in the void when you had an object next to the void.

Santa Hat Out of Stock - The Santa Hat will be hidden from the shop if you haven't already bought it.  You can still wear one if you've bought one (even after it's de-listed), so if you wanted one, now's the time to get it!

Since Net Compression & Instancing are both large changes, we'll test them out on Potato first for a few days to make sure they're stable before we update Primary.

EDIT 1/3: These changes (other than Santa Hat, which I forgot to do for now), are now live on the Potato server.  Check them out!

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Potato…. Instancing sounds like a good idea. Good luck ^_^

  2. Will instancing apply to the whole of Root? Many players meet at Root for trades, among other stuff.

  3. i like the idea, just with the santa hat if i change my hat to another hat for 1 min will i not be able to get my santa hat back on my head since the button is gone-or will it stay for me in my hat section in the shop since ive bought it.

  4. What is it exacely wit the Z-lock hotkeys?

  5. Z Axis hotkeys aren’t working for me, not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

  6. I’m on Potato.

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