Introducing Teleporters

I have just finished creating Teleporters, a frequently requested object.  They are live on the server right now, can now be built by anyone!

How do they work?

Just stand on top of a blue one and press ‘E’ — you’ll be instantly teleported to its linked teleporter.  Red teleporters have not yet been linked.

How to build one?

  1. Buy two from the shop.
  2. Place them each at the two locations you’d like them to be.
  3. Use one of them (press E) to find out its Telepad ID number
  4. Look at the other telepad and in the chat window type /telepad <put the ID number here>
  5. The telepads are now linked, and anyone can press E to transit between them.



One thought on “Introducing Teleporters”

  1. Can you make it that Draco Gives us these to place somewhere its really annoying to pay for these. in like his last mission that he can give us two and say. hey! now that’s you’ve built something awesome. now you can get there quickly. please i can spend money on this! Please!

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