Shop 2.0 is live!

Whew!  Finally finished the revamped shop!  A couple things to note:

  • ToolTips!  Roll over most items to see what they are.
  • Decluttered – oversize items no longer escape their respective areas, and buy/open buttons don’t show until you are over a specific item
  • The shop currently uses a lot of alpha rendering, which may slow things down on older machines.  I plan to disable alpha on slower machines soon, but lemme know if its particularly bad on your system.
  • I’ve taken a pass at rebalancing some of the costs to be more in line with the values of the items.
  • I’ve introduced a new currency, ‘platinum’, which you can acquire from the new Buy Packs screen.  I’ve also added some special deals to this page, to provide folks extra incentive to help out the project financially 🙂

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