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Build 576: Town Doors & More

Just rolled out Build 576 which adds Town Doors and several fixes:

  • Added Town Door - Town doors have white handles, and any citizen of the town it is placed in can open it (thanks for the suggestion, ZackAttackHall!)
  • LawyerCats no longer spawn in mid-air (finally! ;))
  • Fixed bug where picking up items that are returned to someone else's inventory counted against your inventory quota
  • Improved netcode - Env packets are 45% smaller, Inventory packets 27% smaller
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  1. Yay Town doors. I already bought some. Great idea ZackAttackHall!

  2. This is fraud damn it i suggested town doors !

  3. I want to be a citizen of chromia. Please grayswandir (mayor of chromia) add me as a citizen.

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