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Map is Done!

After spending three days rendering more than 65,000 screenshots... the map is done!

You can browse the map as a guest by heading over to  Or even better, launch the map from in-game via Menu > Map to see a marker of where your character is.

The map has a number of nifty features:

Go to any position - Type any coordinates (you can use full coords such as 0,0,0:0,0=65, or just region coordinates 0,0) to see that location in the map.

Get position you are looking at - If you are scrolling around and wondering where a given position is so you can visit it in-game, click 'Where am I looking now?' - the answer will be shown in the coordinates input box.

Get URL to this position - Click this to get a URL to the position entered in the coordinates box.  Great for sharing your work with friends!

Where am I in-game? - (only if map launched from in-game) Shows your character's position from when you first launched the map

Where's my stuff? - (only if map launched from in-game) If you have lost your building, click this to find out which areas contain your blocks.  Clicking a given position listed will zoom the map there and place a marker nearby.

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  1. A W E S O M E!!!

    It’s so cool to get some perspective of the world!!

  2. After reading how much work it was to do the map, I won’t ask for an update XD

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