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We’re on Amazon! Get Three Free Hats

I'm very excited to announce that 8BitMMO is now playable on's new Game Connect service!

Via Amazon, you can link up your account for free and get access to three new items:

Be the envy of other players by wearing these cool hats.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Link your 8BitMMO account to your Amazon account: go here and click Link and Play Free
  2. When prompted, either Login to your existing 8BitMMO account, or create a new account
  3. Now login to 8BitMMO and bring up the shop: using your mouse, hover over "Menu >" at the top left of the screen, then click "Shop"
  4. Inside the shop, click Clothing
  5. Now click Hats
  6. You will now see three new unlocked hats to choose from.  Hover over one and click Use to wear it.  It is free to wear these.

It's been awesome to work with Amazon to get this up and running, and great that they're so willing to support a small indie developer like me.  Thanks guys <3

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  1. Too bad, I’m not gonna give credit card information to a site just to get 3 in-game items…
    And lol @ that ”Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe” reference.

  2. Robby, I hope that you make ANOTHER way of getting these items, because, I’m not entering a credit card for this. (PLEASE make it so that we can get it In-Game for free.)

  3. I like ducks.

  4. amazon assumes everyone is american because when I try to put in my billing address it asks me to choose from a list of letters (states) and wont let me continue unless I choose one, what a load of bull.

  5. You all refuse to enter your card details into amazon -_- Feel free to join us in 2013

  6. I like those 3 items,but im not giving any info about my non-existant credit card,not to that website.

  7. Ghh i don’t have 1, neither anyone in my family does :(((

  8. is it still available

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