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Halloween Pumpkins = sold out!

Halloween Pumpkins are officially sold out in the shop! You can still trade other players for them, though.

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  1. I demand a refund at once!
    I ordered 10 pumpkins in your shop but 3 of them malfunctioned. When I lit them up they gave a strange eerie redish light and exploded! I also want a compensation of 1000 coins due to psychological problems I got because of this traumatic experience.
    This is unacceptable! Don’t be surprised if there are tons of Lawyer cats sueing you next week!!

    Psychoticsmiley – about 200 pumpkins
    Meep42 – 80 pumpkins
    Kjh – 50 pumpkins
    Adventurer – 1, holy pumpkin I lit 15 times that didn’t explode.
    P.S Will pumpkins be back on the next Halloween? If so, i am thinking about time machine…

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