6 thoughts on “2013 SIGC Pitch Video”

  1. Hmm, I never knew you posted this video until now….
    Anyways, congratulations on winning this indie contest thingy 🙂

    I’m glad you noticed that it is hard for new players to keep interested in the game aswell.
    Now if a new player comes in the game they follow the tutorial that explains the basics and after that you get to root and Draco tells you to build stuff but the new player has no idea where to build. They are stuck in Root and don’t know where to go or what to do. I think the tutorial is a bit outdated. It should tell how to get to the wilderness and how to get money to buy blocks.
    Also I think Root looks boring and it doesnt really motivate the new players to stay in the game. I think Root should have some really nice structures in it so the new player can see what you could build in the game.

    From my experiences I think the following are the most asked questions by new players:
    -Any mayor online who accepts citizens?
    -How do I get to the wilderness? / Where can I build?
    -How do I get blocks?
    -How do you get platinum?
    -How do I set home?

    Unfortunaltey a lot of players can’t be bothered to actually read what Draco says. I think you should spice things up and make the Draco tutorials more enjoyable.

    And to keep players interested on the long run I think it is really important to add more content like tiles, monsters, more ways to get gold and quests (maybe even player-made quests).

    1 More thing. Since this is a community driven game: things that improve the communcation between players is vital for this game to work. Stuff like Friendsystem, PM-System, Local chat, In-game leaderboards/townlists etc.

    I hope you found these tips useful! 😀

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