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8BitMMO Wins 2013 Seattle Independent Game Competition!!

I am super excited to share with you that we won the 2013 Seattle Independent Game Competition!  We faced some top caliber competitors, and it's an honor to be selected as this year's winner!

Here's some pictures snapped (on my cell phone, sorry) at the event:





Update 2/4, one new pic I got:



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  1. Really big conglaturation on the win.

  2. W00t! Congratulations!

  3. Robby nice, My Congratulations,

  4. Great! Congratulations, free advertising! 😀

  5. I knew since I joined that 8bitmmo was the most amazing world-wide indie game to exist! Congratulations Robby!

  6. Congrats Robby! That is Awesome!

  7. A huge Congratulation to you! I knew this game is Awesome! :3

  8. Wow, congratulations to you, Robby!

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