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Redeeming tokens should no longer give you a giant dog.

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  1. I mentioned that to Grim, I think, ages ago. I then received an email with a free plat code as an apology for the owner door not having been included with the newbie offer, which I hadn’t even noticed, what with the giant dog 😀

  2. To all those thinking this is a joke: It isn’t. Redeeming tokens actually once gave you a picture of a dog instead of a spike trap 😀

    To be fair, it did kinda seem like a joke at the time 😛

  3. …Are my comments broken? I’ve tried commenting on this twice now, nothing happened… :L

  4. xDDDDDDDD i remember looking on wiki and seeing a town with “GIANT DOGS” and saying “wait, what??? dogs as PUMPKINS?” faded out above the picture

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