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PSA: Don’t use ‘trainers’ or ‘cheat programs’

I've seen a few people are talking about 8BitMMO 'trainers' or 'cheat programs' that claim they give you free gold or platinum.  I'm strongly encouraging users not to download these.  Obviously these programs are against the rules and if they worked would be cause for a ban.  Arguments about the fairness of cheating aside, I've yet to see any of these programs actually grant gold or plat.

One user decompiled the source code for one of these programs and found out its only function was to send your username and password to the cheat program's author.  Do you really want someone stealing your account?  These programs may also come packaged with malware such as viruses, which can be a major pain to get rid of.

TLDR: Avoid shady cheat programs, they're traps.

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  1. Right, I’ll just make others give me their lunch money.

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