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Reward Block Rules

If you are placing a reward block, please take a read through on the placement rules.

Spirit of the rules:  The reward block is intended as a reward for players completing a challenge you have built.  It is also acceptable to use one as a town guestbook.


  1. An active, populated town may place one 'open' reward block (that does not require a challenge to reach) for use as a guestbook.  An empty town that only contains a townstone and a reward block does not qualify.
  2. For blocks placed at the end of a challenge, it should take at least 5~10 minutes to solve the challenge (ie, end of a dungeon or a end of a complex maze)
  3. Block must be reachable / challenge must be accomplishable
  4. Alt characters are not allowed and will be permabanned on sight.
  5. Fee doors are not allowed to be used in conjunction with reward blocks at all.
  6. Reward block must be publicly accessible.
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  1. Maybe you should restrict the reward blocks to only 2 per region just like spawners.

    And I think it is better if every single block gives you 100g instead of only 250g per account.
    If a player has multiple reward blocks you will only be rewarded for the first challenge and get nothing for the others.

    • Yeah; I made it yesterday so reward blocks cost more plat and have to be placed far away from each other. Also, it already handles the multiple reward blocks that way.

      It might be good to drop the reward from 250g to 100g, I’m going to think about that.

  2. “4.Alt characters are not allowed and will be permabanned on sight.”
    Does this go for all alts, or just ones used to abuse reward blocks? Many of us here have genuine alts, not created to abuse the game (as hard as that is to believe these days), and it would be a shame to see them banned. Especially as
    a) We would essentially lose any blocks placed by them,
    b) Dunno about anyone else, but Meep43 at least actually has 14 plat on him, and I don’t really want to lose that due to a permaban on ANY alts.

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