Quest Reminder Window Changes

I’ve changed up quest text and the position of the quest reminder window to be easier to read.  Noobs never read the old one, so hopefully this one will be more useful to them for learning.  It’s way more noticeable, and the bullet-point outlining should be much more skimable.  Note that quest text won’t change to the new format until you turn in and get new quests.

new quest reminder window


  • Any change to inventory will reset inventory scroll (prevents getting stuck when scrolled down and sell items)
  • Leveling window moved to left
  • Menu > quests now toggles reminder window
  • Leveling window no longer moves in relation to quest window
  • You can still hide the quest reminder window the old fashioned way (SHIFT + U)

6 thoughts on “Quest Reminder Window Changes”

  1. I can’t drag around the quest box anymore. It’s just stuck at the right of my screen. O.o

    1. Do you actually use it? You can probably just get away with hiding it entirely. It’s more intended for teaching new players

        1. I occasionally use it to check on how many lawyercats I’ve killed since I last checked, and I actually preferred when it was at the top, it told you relevant information without being too obtrusive. No pleasing some people, I guess.

          Not really sure why I’ve actually bothered typing this, seeing as it isn’t going to work anyway.

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