21 thoughts on “Soon.”

  1. Awesome, its nice to know you are making more weapons.I have been waiting for this for a loong time 😀 can’t wait!

  2. a new ranged wepon will be nice like a bow and you buy the ammo seprately so you dont basicly throw out the ranged weapon ( do this with the gun ) 😀

    1. Sorry… it’s probably going to be a little while longer than I planned. But when it does come out, there will be at least three new mobs to go with it!

  3. 8bitmmo is saying:
    please wait, atempting connection…
    and now
    Unable to connect :'(
    Does that mean updates are coming?

    1. Hehe, unfortunately swords are delayed until the new mobs are are ready. Should be week after next (and should have some new dungeons by Psy and Eld to go with them! :D)

  4. Quick! Do I cut the red wire with the red sword, the blue wire with the blue sword, the red wire with the blue sword or the blue wire with the red sword?!

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