Upcoming update… with 3x new mobs!

The next update is going to be pretty big.  Not only will it have the swords, it will also have at least three new mobs & their accompanying spawners.  This week I re-wrote how melee mobs are handled, so it’s a lot easier to add new ones.  Health will increase with each level.  I plan to release all this the week after next week (probably around 8/6)… hopefully by then, the new dungeons are ready to go.

block troll shot


Yes, you will get to fight game reviewers.  Hehehehe 😀


26 thoughts on “Upcoming update… with 3x new mobs!”

  1. Ok, what’s the third mob?
    And will these appear in the wilderness or be restricted to dungeons?
    Anyway, this’ll almost certainly improve the game. Looking forward to the update!

    1. Probably will be primarily dungeons, might show up in deep wilderness though. TBD

      Third mob is a boss version of the game reviewer: dire game reviewer 😛

      1. With all these new, tougher mobs (presumably giving more gold), what’s going to happen to the lawyercat? Seems like they’ll start going out of fashion 😛

  2. I’m afarid of block troll, will they actually place blocks and if so, will their blocks disappear?
    Also, how rare will all three mobs be?

    1. TBD – but any placed blocks will definitely not be permanent. Probably they will just shoot blocks at you

      They’ll each have a location/dungeon you can find them in. They may or may not be in wilderness though

  3. So now you will have a exp system and level up and getting more dmg per level and more heath?
    Also will you be able to change the numbers when creating your own map?

    1. Yes, I plan to make it possible for players to set the dungeon’s target level for players (no spawners much harder/easier than target level)

  4. Hp inscriasing every level? What about the pepole who are alredy a higher level then 1. Will they still get the Hp?

  5. “NOW IS THE TIME!” or
    “TIME IS NOW!”
    for the update.
    (just had to say what everyone is thinking).
    (Also notice that both of the quotes are from Warcraft III)

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